JAN ABRAMS Performances
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Upcoming Shows:

ABRAMS SINGS ABRAMS at The Gardenia on Friday July 19, 2013
ABRAMS SINGS ABRAMS at The Gardenia on Friday August 16, 2013


Previous shows:

The Metropolitan Room
Don't Tell Mama
The Duplex
Freddy's Supper Club
The Grand Finale


ABRAMS SINGS ABRAMS at Sterlings Upstairs At The Federal
ABRAMS SINGS ABRAMS at The Arthur Newman Theater at The Joslyn in Palm Desert
The Cinegrill at The Roosevelt Hotel
The Gardenia
Sterling's Upstairs at the Federal

"Jan sings the way the great singers used to sing ... as if it were the easiest, most natural thing in the world.
Her performances are transparent; she simply – beautifully – gives you the songs."

                                                                                                                — Michele Brourman

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